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Delight View Computers offers computer training to individuals, businesses, institutions and organisations. We're located in Pavour Plaza, Opposite Ostrich Bakery Sabo Tasha, Kaduna, Nigeria . Our main aim is to help the society (people) to perform their duties better and have an edge over their competitors. Aiding organisations/ businesses to grow and fulfil their goals through technology

Our IT Courses

Delight View Computers offers both basic and advanced computer (IT) courses, and we issue certificates upon course completion. Our IT courses include, but are not limited to, Java Programming, Cross-platform Mobile App Development,Python Programming,Oracle Database Management (OCA/SQL/OCP), Full Stack Web Development, Web Design & SEO, Digital Marketing, Networking, Advanced Microsoft Excel, Training at Delight View Computers ,Business Computing, Graphics, e-Accounting etc. If you're looking for a job, learning the required, skills and courses at Delight View Computers will equip you with the right skill sets to improve your employment prospects.
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Professional Computer Trainers!

Professional Computer Instructors
Here at Delight View Computers , all our computer instructors are professional-trainers, well skill and intelligent. So, be rest assured that you're in good hands, when you entrust us to help you gain, sharpen your IT knowledge and handling of business and organisational work.

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Here at Delight View Computers Institute, located in Sabo tasha, kaduna, Nigeria, from-time-to-time, we give promo coupons that enable new registrants to pay unbelievable discounted fees. Our current fees are discounted, when you enroll now even without a coupon code! This offer only lasts for a short period of time. Be a part of the Delight View Computers Training success story and benefit from the huge discount, when you register today! Click on the following link, to Start your Online Registration Now.

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Benefits of Studying at Delight View Computers

There are many benefits of getting your IT training at Delight View Computers . These benefits include, but are not limited to:
  • We impart the right knowledge to our students and equip them with the most sort-after practical skill sets in the IT industry.
  • Delight View Computers is a leading IT training institute in Nigeria that is duly registered and recognized by the Government to impart quality IT skill sets in the society.
  • Suitable and well structured learning environment.
  • Cutting edge and well comprihensive training manual..
  • At the end of every course a recognized certificate is been given to participats.
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Corporate Trainings

Delight View Computers offers tutoring of employees of corporate businesses, to help them understand and advance their knowledge of computer programs that are necesssary in their work environments. Corporate IT education can take place either at our training centre or at your business premises or even at a rented space. Be advised that our corporate computer training is only available on demand.

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Privet Trainings

At Delight View Computers , we provide one-on-one computer training services for those who require maximum privacy. You can optionally choose to get your training at the comfort of your home or at our private classroom. The choice is yours! And we're here to serve you satisfactorily!! Please, note that this special training is available on demand. Call us on the phone or visit us, to make a reservation for you.
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Our Services

Beyond just been an institute, Delight View Computers are involves in many other services which include the following:
    1. Web development.
    2. Project development.
    3. Application development.
    4. Career seminars.
    5. School I.C.T.
    6. Supply of systems etc.
    You can also download our various Applications which will be of great help to you:Download Our Applications
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